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Photo of a male wood duck

The wood duck – flamboyance, elegance and hard work

What a flamboyant bird! The male “woodie” comes with over 6 different colours – red, metallic purplish-green, white stripes, patches of yellow, dark red, black and blue. The hen is less conspicuous. She has some beautiful brown and white flecked feathers with blue under her wings and a distinctive teardrop-shaped white eye patch and a whitish […]

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Photo of a turkey vulture

The turkey vulture culture

While not one of the prettiest creatures in Honduras, the turkey vulture makes up for what it lacks in the beauty department by being incredibly useful to mother earth. Turkey vultures are large, meat-eating birds that excel at soaring. They don’t kill to survive; they survive on things that have been killed. Turkey vultures are […]

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Photo of a blue-tailed emerald hummingbird having a snak

Honduras hummers

On the mosquito coast, the skeeters are bigger than the hummingbirds but the hummers outnumber the skeeters, which is good news for mosquito bait gringos like me. The blue-tailed emerald hummingbird (Esmeralda de Cola Azul in Spanish) averages 7.4 cm in length and weighs around 2.6 g. They are abundant here. The male’s plumage is […]

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Photo of a male junco

Show me your junco

Today I saw some juncos; it’s not the first time, for sure, but I had my camera so I was able to snap a few shots to show you just how gorgeous these little birds are. The snowbird The dark-eyed junco or “snowbird” is a common winter visitor to many Canadian backyards. It’s called the snowbird […]

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