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The Arctic Tern – bird of the sun

Out of all the birds in the world, the arctic tern probably sees the most daylight. From its breeding grounds in the Arctic, it migrates to Antarctica where it spends its winter – a roundtrip of about 71,000 kilometres a year.

You can follow its journey from Greenland to Antarctica and back in this Google Earth Tour (Youtube).

I captured this arctic tern at lake Manitoba. I used a slower shutter speed with a longer lens cuz I wanted to show a subtle movement effect. I used my 200 mm lens and 1.4 teleconvertor, shooting at 1/160th sec at f/2.8,  ISO 100. For more information on this photo, contact me at rob@robwiebe.com


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One Response to “The Arctic Tern – bird of the sun”

  1. Brigitte October 2, 2012 12:16 PM #

    That is a BEAUTIFUL picture. You are talented — actually looks a bit like a painting.

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