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Photo of a house finch

Saturday morning with the finches

This morning, while having my coffee, the house finches came to visit. Papa house finch attacked the food I had put out as Mama finch, so elegant, sat back and waited for her turn. These guys are pretty common around our place at this time of the year. They come in numbers and can be […]

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Photo of a squirrel

Squirrels suk!

I detest squirrels. Mostly because they eat all the birdfood that I put out. I must admit that squirrels are ingenious tho. It’s amazing how they get around, over, under every obstacle I put in their way to thwart them from eating my birdfood!

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Photo of a chickadee with wings open preparing to fly away

Chickadee Fan

I’m a huge bird fan and I think the little chickadee is one my favourites. They’re so gentle, so friendly and always seem to be nearby, especially in winter. They flit around my backyard all day, busily inspecting tree branches and shrubs for something to eat.   The Black-capped chickadee that we see in the Gatineau area has […]

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Dominican Republic


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Photo of beach from the water - Belize


Spent about two weeks in Belize in January. The weather was hot, humid and windy. The people were fantastic. The food was delicious. I had no gastro issues.   I saw and did so much; the trip from that perspective was perfect.   Jungle road I was a bit disappointed with the landscape of the […]

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