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Danse dance danse

Photo of Chloée doing a grand jeté during her ballet solo

Jumping into a grand jeté in ballet solo

Yesterday was the avant première for Chloée’s dance troupe. It was at the Museum of Civilization in Hull.  It went really well. Over 100 dance numbers were perfomed in a span of about 7 hours.

 Chloée had 5 numbers in jazz and ballet to perform throughout the day – 4 group numbers and one solo. I posted some photos just from her ballet solo cuz there are other dancers in the other numbers and I didn’t ask for their permission. Chloée’s solo ballet piece is choreographed by Madame Laura and the music is, “This is my song,” the famous song written by Charlie Chaplin.

Photo of Chloée doing an arabesque during her ballet solo
Arabesque in ballet solo

I wasn’t allowed to take photos during the dance numbers (woops), so to be discrete and not get caught, I sat at the back of the theatre and shot with a long lens and high ISO.

I’m impressed with the results, if I can say that :) I shot at 6400 ISO, 280mm (200mm x 1.4 TC), f5.6, 1/500 under white flashing dance lights. I smoothed the grain over a bit with the translucent setting and adjusted the whitebalance in Adobe Lightroom, but all in all, decent results.

This was Chloée’s first public performance of her solo, and the first in competition, and she did really well! I was pleasantly surprised. She did better than I had seen her do during rehearsals. She’s had trouble particularly in stopping in proper position after a double pirouette and in holding her arabesque steady for two bars of music and a double rest.

Photo of Chloée in "pose finale"
Pose finale in ballet solo

In the competition, tho, she nailed both trouble spots. She said she was excited to be on stage so she just let herself go. Bravo ma belle.

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2 Responses to “Danse dance danse”

  1. Shana February 23, 2012 2:32 PM #

    She is beautiful, Rob and your photos are gorgeous!!

  2. Dance March 16, 2012 5:19 PM #

    Wow she is so pretty. I love her costume. If I could see her solo I would be so happy :)


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