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Chickadee Fan

Photo of chickadee with wings open preparing to fly away

Chickadee with wings open preparing to fly away

I’m a huge bird fan and I think the little chickadee is one my favourites. They’re so gentle, so friendly and always seem to be nearby, especially in winter. They flit around my backyard all day, busily inspecting tree branches and shrubs for something to eat.


The Black-capped chickadee that we see in the Gatineau area has a black cap and bib with white sides to the face. The French name is Mésange à tête noire.

Photo of a chickadee on a branch

Chickadee on a branch


Chickadees are active, noisy and social birds with little fear of humans. They’re definitely not camera shy. Some will even come to an outstetched hand to eat.

They are very adaptable and have a mixed diet including seeds and insects. I usually offer nyger, black oil sunflower and safflower seeds and white millet, but no insects! They seem to love it!

Photo of a chickadee eating from a hand

Chickadee in hand

 I can always count on a chickadee for a good photo opp! For the best photo opps, I go to Lac Leamey where the chickadees quickly come to visit as soon you stand still. 




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