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Photo of beach from the water - Belize

Photo of the beach from the water

Spent about two weeks in Belize in January. The weather was hot, humid and windy. The people were fantastic. The food was delicious. I had no gastro issues.


I saw and did so much; the trip from that perspective was perfect.


Photo of road in the Belize jungle
Jungle road

I was a bit disappointed with the landscape of the country and the lack of wildlife, tho. I’ve been in Mexico, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and, I must say that, while pretty and neat, Belize just did not have that raw central american feel that I was expecting.

I asked a few locals about this. The answer I got was that, as a former colony of the UK, Belize has been completely logged for mahogany at least twice and more in some areas. I guess there must be some sweet libraries and hardwood floors in some important buildings in the UK!

Photo of the girls jumping into an infinity pool in Belize
To infinity and beyond

Get in the water, tho, and everything changes. Just stepping in up to your ankles brings a whole new perspective on why it is that people flock to Belize. The reef is everywhere. With small fish darting around. The odd eel winding around. Rays, jellyfish and octopus floating around. It’s perfect for snorkeling!


There is an unbelievable amount of colour and wildlife in the water!


Photo of Robert's Grove in Placencia, Belize
Robert’s Grove from the pier

We visited Placencia for a week. During our time there, we stayed at Robert’s Grove. The staff were very friendly and courteous and the food was awesome. It was a bit expensive so we bought snax and drinx to have during the day while exploring and playing and then eating one main meal in the evening in the town of Placencia.

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  1. Dance March 16, 2012 5:15 PM #

    Wow! It is wonderful I went there and I had lots of fun ;). I wood go back there the people were so friendly! Your pictures are incredible.


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